Current Issues

With no day-to-day management at Town Hall, Hillsboro Beach's expenditures soared far above the rate of inflation

during the past decade.


 Our infrastructure is 60 years old.  We are experiencing problems with both our water lines and sewer lines.  The cost to replace the sewer lines will be covered by Broward County, however, the water lines belong to Hillsboro Beach.  The estimated cost for replacing the water lines is $6,000,000, which has not been included in any kind of long-range financial plan. 


While the road is under construction to update the infrastructure, we may want to bury our utility lines.  The cost analysis for this project should have been addressed months ago in order to coordinate with water-line and sewer-line work. 


There is a plan to re-configure our road, taking 1' from each vehicular lane and adding it to the bike lanes.  (Each driving lane is currently 11ā€™ wide.  The plan is to make them each 10ā€™).  There is a question as to whether additional property would have to be taken from residents through eminent domain.   Iā€™m concerned that voters were never given an opportunity to weigh-in on this decision. 


The Davis family has offered the Town the chance to buy the property adjacent to Town Hall to the south, as well as the parcel on the east side.  The Town has a definitive need for the west side (parking/water processing/community room).  General consensus is that the Town should buy only the west side, if possible.  The funds for this purchase have not been identified, and the Davis family is not willing to separate the two parcels at this time.

 Issues on the Horizon


For 50 years, Hillsboro Beach has suffered in silence. No more. I will spearhead efforts to address the root causes of our unnatural erosion. Taxing residents to buy sand that immediately washes out to sea is no longer acceptable. 


Town expenditures have skyrocketed in the past 10 years.  Four of our five Commissioners have other full-time jobs, and Florida law prohibits them from communicating except at public meetings.  Result:  very little oversight to our $6M budget.  A Town Manager must be hired, yet the Commission voted as recently as December to maintain the status quo.


Commissioners must open dialogue with the Department of Transportation to address congestion at A1A and Hillsboro Boulevard.  Our emergency services are contracted with Deerfield Beach.  Impeded emergency access could be a matter of life or death for every

Hillsboro Beach resident.