Sun Sentinel Daily News

"Deb Tarrant would bring a new voice and fresh perspective to the Commission.  She is knowledgeable about town affairs and would bring the energy needed to change what needs changing."

The Pelican Weekly News

"Deb Tarrant is a prodigious researcher who would bring energy, business experience and a new point of view to the Commission.  Tarrant is very enthusiastic about serving the town and is campaigning on new thinking and new ideas.  She says the Commission needs change and a new direction and that she will provide it.  We agree that she could."

Chip LaMarca - Broward County Commissioner

" I am pleased to endorse Deb in her campaign."

Steve Schmidt - President, Office Depot International

"Deb is energetic, intelligent, and dedicated.  Her experience in the corporate world will serve Hillsboro Beach well.  She will work hard on behalf of her constituents, putting in the time necessary.  The town is fortunate she's willing to take on the responsibility of a Commission seat."

Hon. Susan Whelchel - Former Mayor, Boca Raton

"Deb Tarrant will make an excellent Commissioner.  She is motivated and dedicated to the Town of Hillsboro Beach.  Deb has been involved with your community for many years, and I always enjoy hearing how much she loves Hillsboro Beach."

Mo Tarifi, PhD, PE, MBA, DEE - Port de Mer Resident and

Hillsboro Beach Advocates Steering Committee

"I have worked closely with Deb Tarrant for the past year as a member of the Steering Committee of the Hillsboro Beach Advocates.  She has invested countless hours working toward a permanent solution to our costly beach erosion problems.  With Deb, nothing slips through the cracks.  She is organized, thorough, tenacious, and dependable, and never loses sight of the big picture.  She is exactly what we need as a Commissioner." 

Manny Hernandez - Former President/Current Treasurer,

Landmark at Hillsboro Condominium Association

"I have resided in Hillsboro Beach for over 20 years.  This town needs Deb Tarrant on the Commission.  She will tackle tough issues and go to bat for Hillsboro Beach taxpayers.  She's been very involved with our beach problems as a private citizen, and will do what it takes to keep "Florida's Magnificent Mile" magnificent.  We will all benefit from her leadership.  She has my vote!"

Peter Larkin - Board Member, Mediterranea

"Deb has made it a point to keep the residents in Mediterranea advised of the issues in town.  Town Commission meetings often erupt in chaos with Commissioners hurling insults at one another.  I've seen Deb take the podium as a concerned resident and work to keep things focused on the topic at hand.  She will be a much needed voice of reason on the dais."

Bob Stevens - President, Le Baron Homeowners' Association

"I'm impressed with Deb's grasp of the issues we're facing here in Hillsboro Beach.  She is passionate about protecting our town and believes that changes are needed if we want improved results in our town."

Hillsboro Beach Advocates

Deb Tarrant has been endorsed by this active citizens' group of fellow residents.